Sunday, December 2, 2007

Gifting Season!

I've been majorly slacking off on the posts lately, but as you creatives know, right now is a busy season. I'm making it up to all of you with the gift of a creative-inspired gift guide. I've scoured the online designer shops and design blogs to bring you the best artistic gifts of 2007. There's way too many potentially awesome gifts out there, so I'll break up the gift guide goodness throughout the month. Enjoy!

The Supermarket: Great design, straight from designers.

The Supermarket is THE place for unique, well-designed gifts on the internet. It houses great ideas executed by independent designers from around the world. Buy something from this site and it's pretty much guaranteed the gift won't be duplicated or re-gifted...ever. Here are a few items worth peeping:

I never I thought I'd see the Team America theme song brought to life as jewelry, but here it is it in all its glory...the America FUCK YEAH Necklace by KidViskous of Los Angeles, CA. $36

Why spend thousands of dollars on wedding rings when you can have these ziptie wedding rings designed for metalnat by natalia gomensoro. Perfect for all you gear head couples out there. $180

Gorgeous wall decor, especially for those of us who rent and not allowed to paint the walls, Sparrow Wall Sticker by ferm Living. $120

Houndstooth has always been a favorite of mine, but its usually associated more with my closet than my kitchen...until now. Haute Surface Houndstooth Set by MIO. $19.99

Is your recipient a lover of typography & random thoughts?? Then the Cats Let Nothing Darken Their Roar 2008 calendar by Noa Bembibre is meant to be under their tree. 32.00

"Ball & chain" usually symbolize limitation, but when paired with a magnet it becomes a mutable object forming a necklace, bracelet, ring, anklet or anything else imagined...just don't get too close to your computer! uno: interactive magnetic jewelry by uno industries. $18.50 (Each uno supports the Foundation for Breast & Prostate Health.)

Is a special someone dropping hints they want a diamond ring on their finger??? Get them the diamond ring by smallthings and fulfill their wish without the commitment. $45

CMYK cufflinks from Ulterior Motive. An unexpected gift that'd be spot on for the Studio Manager who's been making your masterpieces press-ready all year. (they also come in RGB in case you're more of the digital type) $25

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