Sunday, December 9, 2007

Eco-friendly Gifting

Here are some gift ideas for the green people on your list.

Reusable Shopping Bags - there is a huge trend right now of replacing plastic shopping bags with reusable canvas or nylon totes. Below are a few of my top picks:

Baggu Bags
Baggu Bags are on my christmas list this year. They are the perfect size for grocery shopping and, unlike most tote bags, have a flat-bottom. The best part of the Baggu is that it folds up to a small square so its easy to carry around when not in use. Baggu Bags come in a variety of designer-inspired, solid colors.

Envirosax from
Envirosax are more of a tote bag style reusable bag that can be slung over your shoulder. They lack the flat-bottom, but make up for it with patterned designs rather than just solid colors.

Recycled Notebook Set from
100% recycled and 100% post-consumer means no new trees were cut down to create this super-cut notebook set.

DB Clay wallets
These eco-friendly wallets are made of "tope," a custom textile made specifically for this line.

Eco-friendly bird house kit from Whatever Works
Easy-to-assemble bird feeder is made of 100% recycled plastics such as bags, soda bottles, milk jugs, and water bottles.

Sun & Moon Jars
Sun & Moon Jars come equipped with a solar-powered cell and rechargeable battery that soaks up sunlight. Its energy efficient LED light will automatically switch on when it gets dark to give you 5 hours of candle-like light, but also includes a switch (on the inside) to turn it off if you're not home to enjoy the glow.

Recycled Socktopus from Elsewares
The Socktopus is the seafaring cousin of the famous Sock Monkey. Made from real recycled sweaters.

Kee-Ka Organic Infant Products
Adorable infant burp clothes, swaddle blankets, bibs and onesies made from certified organic cotton.

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melissa virginia bateson said...

yup! eco-friends... doing our part! can wait to read all your posts!