Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Gift Guide: Cheap Cheap

Today's Eye Spy gift guide is all about gifts under $15...yes, $15!

Here's some ideas for taking advantage of the bargain price:
1) Forget about the traditional socks and underwear and fill up stockings with items which are a little more entertaining.
2) Give them along with gift cards so the recipient has something to open besides an envelope.
3) Give gifts to ALL your co-workers...not just your favorites ;)


Grow Your Own Sensitive Plant $5.49 from Perpetual Kid

A sensitive plant (if you've never seen one) looks like a miniature fern...but it has a secret. It moves AND sleeps! Its leaves curl up when touched and the whole plant tucks itself in every night, spreading out again in the morning. Super cool...just picture how perfect this little guy will be to help you pass the time during a creative block.

Animal Screen Cleaners
$6.99 from Perpetual Kid

Most of us spend 90% of our day in front our computer monitors, so why not take care of them...with miniature, goofy animals! Take your pick from a Spider, Caterpillar, or Fish and the soft-bellied critter will harmlessly wipe your screen until its spotless.

Inanimate Character Stickers
$3.99 from Perpetual Kid

Ever get lonely at your desk? Just you and your office supplies....
Inanimate character stickers make it possible to give your desk-mates some personality. You'll get 2 sheets of eyes, noses, and mouths in each pack. Don't worry, they're removable, so if your coffee mug is happy one day, but sad the next, its not stuck putting on a happy face.

3-D doodle kit $9 from fred flare

Appreciate 3-D graphics but don't know Maya? Create it the old-fashioned way with the 3-D doodle kit. Sketch with the red & blue pencils, slip on some 3-D specs and ta-dah! You won't be getting job offers from Pixar, but the multi-dimensional creation will be just as rewarding (sort of).

Portable Air Hockey $14.00 from Urban Outfitters

We all have a smooth, flat surface around the office...that's right, the conference table. Normally surrounded by a mass of buzz-word spewing execs, it needs to be saved from the torture. Put the table to some productive use with a portable air hockey set. The self-powered puck will allow you to "leverage a 360 degree execution focusing on self-sufficient air utilization and net-net profitablity tactics—dot com."

View Master $8.00 from Urban

We all had one of these early home theater systems when we were young. Bring back a few childhood memories for a loved one or coworker with a genuine View Master. Reels are also available on the site for $8 each.

Trio of French Journals
$12.00 from The Curiosity Shoppe

Do you have a vintage design buff on your shopping list? Oui? Then pick up these French composition books and move on to the next lucky individual on le list. They come as a set of 3, so if you're really strapped for cash (or just plain stingey) you can wrap them individually and take care of multiple peeps in one shot.

ABC Button
$12 from Charles and Marie

Just when you thought you knew every method of creating type....enter, the ABC buttons to knock you off your high hobby horse. These buttons have nine holes so you can actually write using yarn and a needle. If that's not awesome enough for you, buying the buttons gives you exclusive access to a font designed by e27!

Stop Talking $8.00

How many times a day do you encounter someone who feels the need to talk your ear off? Maybe a coworker uses up their word quota for the month trying to explain the simplest client feedback. Perhaps a stranger just doesn't pick up on your hints that you don't want to make small talk while waiting in line for your coffee. "Stop Talking" cards provide a polite, yet blunt, method of handling these chatty Cathies.

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