Monday, December 10, 2007

Daily Peeps

Here's today's sampling of peep-worthy advertising and design:

Ads created with t-shirt shaped cutouts and strategically placed over existing graffiti. Awesome!

Photographer: LUCAS GOBEL

Heinz Salad Cream

Interesting graphic for a not-so-interesting product :)

Agency: McCann Erickson, London
Creative Directors: Brian Fraser & Simon Learman
Copywriter: Neil Clarke, Jay Phillips
Art Director: Neil Clarke, Jay Phillips
Illustrator: John Martin
Typography: Gary Todd

National Rail

Perfect way to show how little the National Rail effects the environment...even more succesful as a magazine spread.

Agency: King, Stockholm
Creative Director: Frank Hollingworth
Copywriter: Niclas Carlsson, Christian Karlsson
Art Director: Josephine Wallin, Tommy Carlsson

Tyskie Beer

This beer company creatively shows the countries they import their product to by creating the flags out of their clever & eye-catching.

Agency: DDB Warsaw
Creative Directors: Marcin Mroszczak, Jakub Korolczuk, Ryszard Sroka
Copywriter: Natalia Dudek
Art Director: Marcin Zaborski
Photographer: Igor Omul

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john said...

What is interesting, Tyskie has been sold to sabmiller by Kulczyk Holding so it will be more and more international ;)