Monday, December 3, 2007

Gift Guide Contd.

Double-Duty Gifts

I don't know about you, but I have quite a few people in my life who are difficult to buy for. They don't need anything and if they want something they just buy it for themselves. I found the best way to deal with these resistent gift receivers is to give them a gift that does some good besides looking pretty under the tree. Here are some ideas:

Endangered Animal Adoption

The World Wildlife Federation offers symbolic endangered animal adoptions for just about any animal you can think of...ranging from the common Penguin, Tiger, and Panda to the more unexpected Three-Toed Sloth, Horned Puffin, and Giant Anteater. You have multiple tiers of adoption options ranging from $25-$250. I recommend any option that comes with the stuffed animal. Last year I adopted a Sumatran Rhino for my dad and it came with the softest, most adorable stuffed Rhino. Right now WWF is having a special promotion where you get a free ornament when you make $75 or more in donations.

I strongly suggest sticking with the WWF for gift adoptions. Last year I attempted to adopt a penguin from a lesser known organization and long story short, I received the Christmas gift in June of the next year with the wrong name of the certificate and a stuffed penguin that looked like it was fished out of a machine with a crane.

Philosophy Beauty Products

Philosophy is a great line of high quality bath & body, hair and make-up products at reasonably affordable prices. The best thing about the line is they actually stay true to their name by having a philosophy behind their brand and sticking to it by offering products for the benefit of both their customers and their causes. Here are two products for the cause currently being offered on

Believe In Miracles $20

This miraculous shampoo, bath, and shower gel is gentle enough for everyday use. Infused with a soft, sweet, sugar fragrance, this lush gel cleans and conditions in one step.

Net proceeds from the sale of this product go directly to the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation.

Shower For The Cure $20

Shower For The Cure is Philosophy's Pink Ribbon shower gel - a creamy all-in-one formula that can be used as a shampoo, bath, or body wash. Its light, clean tangerine scent and touch of milk, proteins, and fruit essences provides a delightful experience for your senses. Shower For The Cure is a special, limited-edition product that represents the spirit of every woman.

*The search for a cure is a cause that Philosophy holds near and dear, so Philosophy will donate 100 percent of the proceeds from the sale of Shower For the Cure to the Women's Cancer Research Fund.

Urban Outfitters - Peanuts

This season Urban Outfitters if offer a few exclusive gifts which benefit good causes based on the Peanuts characters.

Humane Society Snoopy Plush $18.00

Everyone loves Snoopy, and for good reason! Our exclusive plush is just the softest most adorable thing in the world, and we're working with The Humane Society of the United States to donate $5 from every Snoopy to help animals in need. Exclusive to Urban Outfitters.

Linus Blanket $34.00
A cozy Linus blanket for you to love! Super-soft and trimmed in satin complete with a little Linus patch at one corner. Even better, partial proceeds benefit Project Linus- an organization devoted to providing kids in need with some security when they need it most in the form of handmade blankets and afghans lovingly created by volunteers.

Absolut New Orleans approx $20 at various package stores

Not everyone likes stuffed animals and pretty-smelling bubbles (even when they are for a good cause), so for those hardcore individuals on your list check out Absolut New Orleans. Absolut created this mango, black pepper concoction to benefit Hurricane Katrina charities. 100% of the profits from this product are donated to various Gulf Region charities. I can tell you from personal experience that it's delicious! Check out the Absolut website for drink recipes.

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CWahl said...

Sheep! You always ahve the Best Gift ideas! Thanks so much for this post! You've inspired me! Chris adopted a hippo for me last year for xmas and it was the best gift! I have the adoption certificate framed on my desk at work! Happy Holidays!