Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Daily Peeps

Every time I peruse ad & design blogs, I am amazed by how much amazing, inventive work is out there! People are so clever, I love it. Check out some of today's peep-worthy pieces:

Teknograd: Mac Support

Agency: 2008scandinavia

This project is the company's FIRST campaign! Talk about a good first impression :)

From their site: "A few weeks after the start, 2008scandinavia proudly presents the communication collective´s first campaign. This print campaign for our client Teknograd, a pc- and mac-support-company, targets the creative business, like ad agencies, graphic design agencies, well, creative mac-users, to make it short."

Mont Grand Fonds

Blue paper + sticker = simple & effective.

Agency: Blitz, Montreal
found at adgoodness

Guiness Dot by Psyop

Client: Diageo
Product: Guinness Ale
Title: “Dot”

Agengy: IIBBDO, Dublin
Creative Director(s): Mal Stevenson
Art Directors: Jonathan Cullen.
Copywriter: Rory Hamilton
Producer: Onagh Carolan
Beer Stylist: Thomas Power

Found at motionographer
Higher-quality video here.

Scottex: Mailing on kitchen paper towel.

Direct Mailing piece to communicate the strength of Scottex kitchen paper towels to restaurant owners. They created a mailing made from real Scottex kitchen paper towels. These mailings were posted "as is", without an envelope, and sent to restaurants all over Belgium.

Agency: Duval Guillaume Antwerp, Belgium.

found at directdaily

Reebok "Butterflies"

How better to emphasize the shoe's lightness, colorfulness and versatility than by comparing them to butterflies. Perhaps a comparison to live butterflies would have been more relevant, but you get the idea :)

Agency: Serviceplan Munich, Germany.

found at directdaily

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