Thursday, October 25, 2007

Design Meltdown

Ever have what you think is a great idea for a website, only to find out after spending 20 hours on the design that your idea doesn't work as well on screen as it does in your head? Or have a really great printed piece, but aren't quite sure how to translate it into web application?

Well, lucky for us there's an awesome site for web design inspiration that breaks sites down by color, design elements, site types, etc. so you can see how ideas similar to yours pan out on the web: Design Meltdown. This is my first inspiration stop when starting a new website project. The site has very easy navigation w/ thumbnail previews of each site example–they even have a tutorial section which walks you through creating certain effects such as drips and sprays. You have to love the "SOS" logo which subltely calls visitors out for needing their help. Screenshots below, checkout the web goodness here:

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