Thursday, October 25, 2007

Daily Peeps

CK Koo Namecard:
The namecard for fashion stylist CK Koo consists of a base card depicting girl in her undies with transparent cards for accessories overlaid on top. The transparencies can be slid & layered to create different ensembles–the perfect promo piece for someone whose profession is mixing, matching & layering.

Agency: DDB, Singapore
Creative Director: Terrence Tan
Designer: Teoh Sin Eng

The Vonnegut CD:
Rethink of Vancouver created a CD case which transforms into a house. You can punch out the band's characters and play with them–sort of a modern Barbie dreamhouse.

Agency: Rethink, Vancouver

United Visual Artists for Chemical Brothers:
United Visual Artists recently created graphics for a Chemical Brothers show in Trafalgar Square using code-based, generative 3D vector art using software they actually wrote in-house! Watch the video here

From Motionographer

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