Thursday, May 8, 2008

Three's Company

I know, I know, its been too long since my last post, but I'm making it up to all of you by tripling the daily peeps today! I've come across alot of eye-catching threesomes lately (no, not that kind, dirty birds) that are worth sharing. Check them out:

Commands by

By now you've probably already seen these, but they're too awesome not to include. So simple, yet so meaningful to us Appleseeds. Lucky for us, this trio is available for purchase as a series of 5x7 digital prints at mylittleunderground.

Listerine: Kills 99% of Germs Campaign

I love this approach—capitalizing on the misery of that lonely 1% of the germs that are unfortunate enough to survive the power of Listerine. Not so tough without your friends, are you little germ?! The combo of the simple layout and adorable illustration make these ads as effective as the product.

Advertising Agency: JWT São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Director: Roberto Fernandes, Mario D'Andrea
Art Director: Fernanda Salloum
Copywriter: Myla Verzola
Illustrator: 6B estúdio
Published: May 2008

Peeped at adsoftheworld

Earth Hour: See your world in a new light.

I'm a sucker for lighting in photography, especially when it serves a purpose greater than just making a photo look nice. In this campaign, Earth Hour uses super subtle, yet dramatic lighting to communicate its message.

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett Sydney, Australia
Executive Creative Director: Mark Collis
Creative Director: Stephen Coll
Art Director: Nils Eberhardt

Peeped at adsoftheworld

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Ben Carlson said...

Some pretty sweet stuff. Not a huge fan of the Listerine ads, but the others are cool. Took me a while to realize the key commands for Macs, but pretty clever. =) And wow, that lighting is fantastic, definitely dark and ambient.